Welcome Columbia University MBA Students!

Fellow alumni from the MBA program here to help you save on travel

Columbia Business School is one of the biggest and best in the country. We should know.

We at AllTheRooms have a special place in our heart for this prestigious university, as our two co-founders are both graduates from the Executive MBA program.

That's right, CEO Joe DiTomaso and Bill Beckler first met and graduated from Columbia in 2003 before reuniting a few year later to start AllTheRooms. They never would have accomplished building this company without the experience and knowledge they acquired from Columbia.

As veterans of the program we know there will be a lot of traveling in the days ahead, whether it be for business or pleasure. We hope you'll be using our site to find your next stay and appreciate keeping in touch with us and we'll personally help you find the perfect accommodation. If you write to us we promise to keep in touch!

Joe & Bill,
Columbia Business School'03

Where are you thinking of going for your next vacation? AllTheRooms has plenty of availability in almost every destination on earth.