Entasekera, Narok, Kenya Accommodations

Accommodations in Entasekera

1br Home/Apartment
  • Smoking Allowed
  • Pets Allowed
  • Breakfast
  • Parking
The SpaceThe fact that its next to the Maasai Mara Game reserve, the culture is original and have not been interfered with, the community around are extremely cordial and friendly, security is at its top, we have beautiful view points where you can see Lake Natron in Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro;Africa's highest mountain, there are plenty of wildlife nearby. Guest AccessThe guests will have access to the Maasai community lifestyle and culture, they can have walking safaris to the forest and view points and also village walks, visiting community based projects (One of which we run), tradition dances from the Maasai women groups Interaction with GuestsI will be with my guests throughout their entire stay at the house. The NeighborhoodThey are very friendly and welcoming people, they are always there to help visitors whenever, there is a tranquil atmosphere at the sorounding. Getting AroundThere is a convenient public transit all through. Other Things to NoteGetting there can be by a rough road to Loita or by flight as we have a airstrip too. We run a children's home (Namelok Naretoi home for the handicapped) whereby 5% of the total pay per stay goes out to help the kids who are from poor backgrounds and physically challenged
2br Home/Apartment
  • Wifi
  • Parking
The SpaceThe site offers magnificent view of the Ol Donyo Lengai volcano mountain and the lake Natron.Opportunity to see girafes and zebras which come to visit us regularly. At our camp we offer you the opportunity to live an alternative tourism. By your own or with Masai guides you will discover and observe the wild nature around our camp, based next to the Lake Natron. Possibility of different excursions ; trekking and camping around the lake ( east side ) admire many birds such as pink flamingos, marabouts , pelicans ; geese ; ibis but also herds of zebra and wildebeest ; giraffes ; ostriches ; gazelles ect .. Guest AccessOur campsite offer services such as: -Western toilets -Shower with hot water -Big restaurant area with veranda where you can view the lake -A kitchen and all equipments available for self cooking or possibility to be served breakfast, lunch and dinner -Satellite Telephone available for emergencies or sms -Wifi -Rooms with bathrooms -Grass or sand camping -Opportunity to see girafes and zebras which come to visit us regularly. Interaction with GuestsYou will have many opportunities to meet the local people when travelling around, you will experience their pastoral ways of living and their traditions, for instance the way they celebrate different passages in life, from birth to death. They’ll be moved that you show interest in their culture, and pleased to see you try a few words in their language. As this is a sustainable tourism and not a mass tourism, all activities suggested from our base camp are carefully organised, keeping in mind the environmental preservation and conservation, and respecting the traditions of local people The NeighborhoodThe West side of the lake is more desert which offers extraordinary landscapes, camping possibility at the northern part of the lake near Maasai boma at Pinini village towards the Kenyan border.The slope of volcano mountain Ol Donyo: In partnership with the cultural center, our lodge offers 5 to 6 hours of night and day walk at the slope of the mountain with veteran Maasai guides.We also offer excursion with guide to discover the falls and the flow of Engaresero River.We also propose the visitors to meet with the local populations: opportunity to visit the Maasais and share a friendly meal together. Getting AroundFrom Arusha or from Mto wa Mbu they are local buses destination Loliondo you get off at the Natron Gate just before Engaresero village We can come to pick you up either at the gate either at the village. Or you have to rent a 4x4. We have our own Jeep to rent pr day 150 € Other Things to NoteYou can rent tents, mattress and sleepingbag at our camp 10 dollars per night