Top Halloween Destinations & Getaways

Trick-or-Treat in Some Random Spots Around the Globe

Every town has their own haunted houses and celebrations, but which really encompass the spirit of Halloween? We found a few spots that truly make their mark and have great rates if you want to celebrate in person!

Lahaina, Maui
Front Street closes down for traffic to allow over 25,000 people to walk freely in their costumes to celebrate the "Mardi Gras of the Pacific."

Paris, France
For Halloween the famous Paris Catacombs will be open at night, where you can tour a literal maze of millions of skeletons under the city.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Imagine what Halloween is like in Sin City, with every club having their own big party. None are as infamous as the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball at the Hard Rock.

Transylvania, Romania
Yep, this place actually exists. It was made famous by countless Hollywood horror movies. Seriously, you can hit up a a costume party at Dracula's castle!

Salem, Massachusetts
Home of the Salem Witch Trials, this little town north of Boston embraces their history and the whole area practically turns into a haunted house.

Cancun, Mexico
They call it the "Day of the Dead" but they actually celebrate for two whole days. Besides, you can enjoy the beach and the sun while you're in costume (win-win).

New York City (Greenwich Village), New York
Always a great getaway, but head to Greenwich Village for their massive Halloween parade. How massive? A million people in costumes is pretty massive.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Because of the variety of cemeteries, festivals celebrating Halloween, and Voodoo Music Festival. Because it's like Mardi Gras with costumes.

Orlando, Florida
Get your pants scared off at Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights, arguably the scariest in the country, or take the family to Disney World's kid-friendly party.

Mount Hood (Timberline Lodge), Oregon
A personal favorite, as some of that 1980 scare-fest The Shining was filmed here. Nike actually books the hotel for the holiday but it's scary whenever you want to visit.

Where are you celebrating your Halloween? We have great rates in practically every destination.