São Sebastião Accommodations

Accommodations in São Sebastião

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The SpaceWe have a place that allows you to be as reserved as you want, with the bedrooms upstairs you can choose the amount of social interaction with the other guest(if you're traveling alone) or the hosts. Be located 20 minutes away from the stadium it's not bad at all either, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view on the rides since we're across the JK bridge, one of the postcards of the city and we'll make sure you'll never be late for the games or any other appointment. Guest AccessThe guests will have access to the entire house. Apart from the bedroom, in which you have total privacy, the rest of the house will be shared with hosts and maybe other guest. Interaction with GuestsWell, we live here, there will be a minimum of interaction, but we'll interact as much as you want. I have my english down, a bit slow, but hey, what's the rush. The other host doesn't know a word of english, but is pleasant as well and I can always translate. Getting AroundThere are buses from and to regularly, but we can reach an agreement about the transfer and then i'll drive you anywhere. Other Things to NoteIf our guests are a couple and don't feel like sleeping in separate bedrooms we have 2 alternatives: - One of the single beds has an extra bed - The Couch can be turn into a bed for the 2 of you Again, if previously agreed, all meals will be provide. Nothing really fancy, but i assure you it'll be tasty. There are books, magazines and musical instruments in the bedrooms, you can read and play if you want, just let us know. We have a Cat, but if that's a problem, I can keep him out of the house during your entire stay.
6br Car
    Farm located 20 km from the Botanical Garden of Brasilia, great place to spend holidays, weekend etc. Has 02 rooms with 02 beds, large living room, single mattresses, kitchen with gas stove and firewood, large balcony 01 bathroom. Owned 02 ponds for fishing, a stream, water mine and a small gallery forest .Natureza and fresh air await you. kitchen with freezer and household refrigerator.