Senhora dos Remédios Accommodations

Accommodations in Senhora dos Remédios

7br Inn
  • Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Smoking Allowed
The Big House has 5 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and TV room and games. The Inn also has two houses furnished rental, plus barn with pool and geek. The farm preserves a beautiful green area, with several native species, very quiet and clean water. The Lady of Remedies region, Mantiqueira strand of Minas Gerais, preserve the quiet life of the interior, with bullock carts, plows, etc. The scenery is full of pines, quaresmeiras, mountains and waterfalls. The hostel is located in the countryside area of ​​Senhora dos Remedios the historic village near the town of Barbacena / MG, with access through BR-040 (Rio de Janeiro - Belo Horizonte). The visitor can enjoy life on a farm, taking baths in waterfalls, trekking in the rainforest, breathing fresh air and listening to the birds singing and frogs croaking. All this in the good 'slowly' rhythm of Minas Gerais. We have a heated pool and sauna and water dam for fishing. The bedrooms are situated in the historic nineteenth century house, as well as the kitchen and leisure rooms.