Itapetininga Accommodations

Accommodations in Itapetininga

75br hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Parking
  • Wifi
opiado some models of American hotels, the hotel Poloni offers comfort, convenience, quality and privacy P. guests. Differentiated, we give opportunity Poloni Guest stop the car near the apartment. Started construction in mid-2008, in Itapetininga, we always tried to make guests feel at home. It opened with 76 apartments and each offers its own customization having tables in the rooms, varied colors and even different floors between them. It also has a convention hall with wireless environment and climate-controlled air conditioning with capacity for up to 45 people. The hotel offers great prices, because every installation is automated such as electronic locks, LCD TVs, saving energy, solar heater and installation of occupancy sensors in all of the hallways. It also has a large free parking with or without cover.
4br Car
  • Parking
  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming Pool
This is a farm of family characteristics, with homemade and perfect for leisure. One of the main attractions are the three lakes where fishing is allowed, but the style catch and release. Near the lakes, there is a dam 800 meters long, tb We have several animals, duck, mallard, goose, jerk chicken, gal. Angola, the Guinho, horse Appaloosa breed, trained to goal and drum, and tbem of a horse walker race, We still have two Simmental cows, which you can enjoy fresh milk and cheeses made by homemade. The animals have separate and safe bays, including dogs which are in the kennel most of the day. There tb, some wild animals, such as eg toucans, marmosets, capybaras, opossums, guinea pigs and even foxes, q visit the farm often. The leisure area has: swimming pool, soccer field, barbecue, stove and oven, and a table for 10 people. This is all very well distributed in an area of ​​15 thousand square meters.