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10br Home/Apartment
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The SpaceProperty located in the heart of the Coffee axis (eje cafetero). This is a great destination for people who like to travel and be a part in the a different culture. You will be able to visit different coffee farms, hike safely in the mountains with the proper guidance, travel to other towns, shop, learn, dine, practice your spanish with th locals safely in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We often host European writers looking to get away for a months at a time. Property has been known as “Finca Cuba” for over a century (Visible in (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) Earth); source of name lost to history. House and surrounding acreage are last remaining parcel of what once was an extensive hacienda, covering entire side of the immediate valley. House consists of original structure built during mid 1800’s, with periodical modifications ever since, the latest additional 2/1 suite constructed in 2005. House commands panoramic views of facing mountains and entire Risaralda Valley to south and southwest. wheelchair accessible on ground floor. Property surrounded by predominately mid-extension properties of 10 to 15 hectares in size, individual ownership , excellent availability of all means of communication. Current use of property : Eco-Tourism, land for Plantain cash crop, subsistence agriculture, limited livestock grazing; home used for family retreats and get-togethers. Security and public order in both the property and the area is excellent! Climatic conditions: Altitude: 1,650 meters above sea level Temperature : 18-22 degrees Celsius Precipitation : 2.800 millimetres Climate: Warm - Temperate Rainfall: April-May & November-December Nearest population: Anserma-Caldas Distance: 2.34 Kilometers Marketing Center: Anserma-Caldas Travel Time: 10 minutes Water Resources - Natural, consisting of three water springs Driving distance to Manizales (90 Minutes drive) Perira (50 Minutes drive) Cartago (50 Minutes drive) Riosucio (90 Minutes drive) Armenia (100 Minutes drive) Medellin (4 Hour 30 Minutes) Guest AccessYou will have full access while staying in our property Interaction with GuestsWe know that finding a trust worthy spot centrally located is very difficult as well as finding the right persons to guide, so we can help you plan your trip, set the dates and arrange tours and activities properly so that you can enjoy your stay in our home. Please contact us with any questions you may have The NeighborhoodPeople are nice, you can find everything you need with the neighbors, if you need help they will gladly assist. It's almost overwhelming! Getting AroundThere is plenty of parking an public transportation available. Due to the proximity to town most people choose to walk to town due to the spectacular views and the friendliness of the locals. Other Things to NotePlease note that this is a small town in a third world Country in South America, there is television, internet and everything you need to feel at home but if you are looking for formal gambling (Casinos, etc), park attractions like Disney or extravagant night clubs this is not the place for you at this time.
11br Other
  • Smoking Allowed
Suburban ranch-type home with 11 large rooms, surrounded by 10,800 sq meters just outside of, Anserma, Caldas, town founded in 1483. House commands panoramic views of facing mountains and entire Risaralda Valley. Wheel chair accessible on the ground floor. Home ideal for family retreats and get-togethers Property located in the heart of the Coffee axis (eje cafetero). This is a great opportunity for people who like to experience new cultures, foods, places, and get acquainted with the local people