Chipaque Accommodations

Accommodations in Chipaque

Shared Room
1br Shared Room
  • Wifi
  • Gym
  • Smoking Allowed
  • Pets Allowed
  • Breakfast
  • Parking
The SpaceWith us you have this alternative: Our Eco Tourism Agroecological Posada, located in the village of Alto del Ramo of this municipality, surrounded by living nature, which are imposed on the great prairies and wooded areas that contribute to the purification of air and ground water are 4 hectares of green areas, dominated the fauna and flora, and generally the whole atmosphere of the countryside. Our site has been conditioned to play sports, cultural and recreational, which in our century have acquired greater significance for the man, family and society, so continually to improve the coverage of this service that definitely will be increasingly central to any strategy for socio - economic development. The place is suitable for distractions or mini-games such as shuffleboard, fishing, ping - pong frog encostalados race, nature walks plus all the other activities consistent with our physical part can be practiced without harming nature. The accommodation comprises low rates, and can have a meeting room surrounded by gardens, TV Audiovisual equipment, stereo, fireplace, games, bar and full kitchen with utensils (optional), oven roasted outdoor and camping area. We expect our invitation has been to his liking, and the hope of being accepted in any of the three hundred sixty five days a year