Sutatausa Accommodations

Accommodations in Sutatausa

7br inn
  • Breakfast
  • Parking
  • Wifi
Cucunuvaca is a boutique hotel located in the beautiful tourist town and colonial Cucunubá, Cundinamarca. Located an hour and a half of Bogotá, is the natural and quiet hotel, where guests can experience the best of the field while enjoying the experience of a cattle farm. Guests and children can attend the milking, give milk to calves, tour the farm, and have a fun time, as if they were on your farm! They may also enjoy: Milking cows, Horseback Riding, Enjoy the exquisite restaurant, Guided tour of the farm, Taste of yogurt and natural jam produced by ourselves, Tourist guide by Cucunubá and surroundings, Contents ecotourism, hiking, agrotourism, religious and cultural tourism, extreme tourism Contents: Rappel, Rock climbing, rappelling, cycle rides and camps.
3br Other
  • Pets Allowed
  • Parking
The SpaceHouse for holidays rentals (10-12 persons MAX, 320 000 COP per night) We are renting our rural house located at only 1h45 min from Bogota (170 m2 and 4,2 hectares of land). It is located in an astonishing mountainous landscape where trekking, cycling and rock climbing are all possible. The house includes three bedrooms: one with a large king size double bed and three single beds, another one with a double bed and the last one with one double bed and three single beds. It is also possible to camp around the house. Trekking trails depart from the house to the cliffs of Sutatausa, where you can enjoy pictograms and the precolonial trails. Getting AroundPara llegar a la Orquidea caprichosa, lo más facil es llegar en carro desde Sutatausa (3 km).