Hitiaa Accommodations

Accommodations in Hitiaa

1br Bungalow
    The bungalow is situated by the sea, about 25 m from shore. The bungalow is like a large studio with a large bed for 2 people, a kitchen-dining area and a TV corner with two armchairs. A small room receives a shower, toilet and a small sink. The kitchen (sink, cooker with oven, fridge with freezer, microwave oven, dishes and utensils). A minimum "Start" can be provided at the request of the tenant (oil, salt, vinegar, sugar, ...). TV, hairdryer and iron are available at. The bungalow has a small terrace at the front (seaside). A "fare potee" (dining room garden) used to take his meals at the water's edge. The site is quiet and rarely visited: the beach is almost private. The beach is due east, sunrises are beautiful and visible to the bungalow. The moon sunrises over the sea, the full moon is extraordinary. From August to October, the presence of whales in the lagoon or off, is common. The beach is small but generally sandy, the amount of sand being variable depending on the time of year. It is shaded by large trees (tamanus). The beach is bordered by a reef (fringing reef). Also are there many fish and coral. Fishing is possible. The loan of a cane and a need for fishing by the host is possible. The mouth - devoid of coral - a stream, located 50 m from the bungalow on the property, providing easy access to the lagoon and authorizes swimming. The loan flippers, mask and snorkel by the host is possible. At the mouth, a "slip" allows the launching of small boats. Two kayaks are available to travelers for walks on the lagoon. The bungalow is located near the house of the host. As a secondary residence, the host stays there occasionally. The set is located on a plot of 2300m2 with trees and flowers, fully accessible to the vacationer. There are few houses in the neighborhood. The nearest convenience store is two km. The Bikes by the host is possible. Hiking in the mountains or in the valley with the host are possible, depending on availability. The arrival at the bungalow is possible by bus, the bus stops right outside the property. Moreover, the car pool of tenants from the airport (or other) by the host is possible according to a tariff to be negotiated. In summary, the big interest of the spot is the calm of the site (including and especially the lagoon) or its isolation, the immediate proximity of the sea, the shadow brought to shore by tamanus and available surrounding space.