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Accommodations in Angoon

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    The SpaceThis is a amazing part of Alaska. Our cabin is perfect for a short adventure weekend trip. Great location for kayakers wanting to explore Admiralty island. A great place to rest or start the Admiralty Island portage system; a quick paddle to the ferry terminal. This cabin is basic, rustic, and well loved. It is only accessible by Alaska Marine Highway Ferry or private boat/float plane. Backcountry/wilderness experience required to stay. Bring your sleeping pads and TP. Guest AccessPrivate boat /float plane Or Access via Alaska Marine Highway Departs Sitka/Juneau fast ferry Thursday/Saturday (excellent 2day option) Or take the ferry Sunday,Monday for a beautiful slow but scenic tour of southeast AK. You can not paddle to Angoon! There is No Local kayak or boat rental no local transportation options available.Its a challenging destination that is MAGIC! But Kayak rentals available in Sitka or Juneau; businesses open and close periodically, as well as daily/weekly rental fees are variable. or Our recommendation pack raft to limit weight and gear. Please note backcountry/wilderness experience required. This is wild country, the city of Angoon has no hospital, and very limited items at store. You must pack in pack out all items as you would a forest service cabin.Cell service and LTE is available. Interaction with GuestsIf you need housekeeping, running water, please book at"the lodge" 1500$ a day. We believe elitism should not quell world experience but it takes elbow grease. If we are staying at this cabin it means you are not soooooo Please let us know if you have any problems or concerns ASAP. We want your stay at our family cabin to be enjoyable. We open it up for fun and the joy of sharing with others. This cabin was made and is maintained by actual people not a company or corporation or hired help. It may not be perfect, we try to be accurate in our description to make it a good fit. We have had many good times, and special memories are made here for our friends and family. Please consider when you review. The NeighborhoodThere is no neighborhood,no grocery stores,no hospital. Angoon does have a basic clinic. Please look up the gps coordinates provided to get a idea of where we are located. So a quick word about "The Lodge" it's the first thing you see on the island. There is a small exclusive fishing lodge that shares our island.We never mentioned "The Lodge" because we believe our guests should be ready for the remote experience. And have your own adventure. The lodge is anti sharing economy; anti air bnb and basically wants nothing to do with us. The owners have "requested" our guests have no interaction with, lodge, staff, or guests.. So anyway do not be distracted by the dark side their "amenities"" they will not share and make you feel bad"Run hit the ocean, hit the trail, do not look back and enjoy!!!!!!!! Our cabin is opposite end of island facing Chatham straights. It faces the whales and wildlife which creates a wee bit o jealousy. As always contact us with questions concerns V Getting AroundThis is wild country! No public transportation, no grocery stores,no electricity. Bring candles.You must pack in pack out all items as you would a forest service cabin. Other Things to NoteWe understand that this a wonderful and unique experience that few get to contemplate. You make this adventure happen! It's your trip, it's your adventure, it's your planning. Dream big, do diligent research, make the phone calls; then book us, and Enjoy the wonders of Kilisnoo!!! This cabin is a seasonal cabin available June through August. If you wish to rent this cabin in September or May please contact us.