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Accommodations in Igrapiúna

4br bungalow
    Beautiful House in Ilha dos Tubaroes - Barra Grande Bahia Brazil 3000 m2 Land front ocean between Coconuts, if you like a Quiet Paradise its the more beautiful place to have peace. Ocean private Island front ocean , tour by Boat close Barra Grande Bahia. 4 bedroom 1 Living Kitchen garden,ocean View. Maraú Só recentemente a Península de Maraú foi descoberta por baianos e turistas, mas os moradores mais antigos contam que a pequena cidade já foi visitada até pelo escritor e aviador francês Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, autor de "O Pequeno Príncipe", que teria permanecido no povoado tempo suficiente para ali manter uma residência. Seja como for, a importância da cidade em séculos passados revela-se hoje nos prédios de arquitetura antiga. Do mirante na cidade alta, consegue-se uma bela vista do estuário de Maraú e da cidade baixa, podendo-se observar a ampla área de feira e as embarcações no atracadouro. A pesca é importante fonte de renda para a cidade. Na agricultura, cultivam-se seringueiras, dendê (introduzido ao final do século XIX), cravo-da-índia, pupunha, cacau, guaraná e pimenta-do-reino. Uma feira livre movimenta a cidade aos sábados. Ainda na península de Maraú está Barra Grande, vilarejo que possui uma das praias mais bonitas do País, repleta de atrações e piscinas naturais ótimas para banho e mergulho. É em Barra Grande que fica a maioria das pousadas e restaurantes da região. English Marau Only recently the Marau Peninsula was discovered by Bahia and tourists, but the oldest inhabitants tell that the small city has been visited even by the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of "The Little Prince", which would have remained in populated enough to maintain a residence there. In any case, the importance of the city in past centuries is revealed today in the old architecture of buildings. The gazebo in the upper city, a beautiful view of the Maraú estuary and the lower city is achieved, can be observed in the broad area of ​​fair and vessels at berth. Fishing is an important source of income for the city. In agriculture, they are grown rubber trees, palm oil (introduced in the late nineteenth century), clove India, peach palm, cocoa, guarana and black pepper kingdom. A free fair enlivens the city on Saturdays. Still in the Marau Peninsula is Barra Grande, a village that has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, full of attractions and great natural pools for swimming and diving. It is in Barra Grande that is most hotels and restaurants in the area. Beautiful House in Ilha dos Tubaroes - Barra Grande Bahia Brazil 3000 m2 Land front ocean between Coconuts,
    3br Home/Apartment
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    The SpaceFor a vacation treat steeped in effortless enjoyment and magical charm, this beachfront villa is truly a slice of paradise. The stunning family getaway is a haven of understated luxury and casual elegance in a serene, tropical setting.During yours holidays , our chef will be available to prepare your unforgettable lunches. Guest AccessThe main entrance to the house is via a large glass veranda, enhanced with comfortable lounge furniture, and offering amazing views of the beach and sea. The relaxed family retreat features a master suite and two additional bedrooms, separate dining area, large kitchen and impressive living room that is complete with double-height glass walls and direct access to the outside. A beautiful staircase leads to the mezzanine floor and its the spacious master bedroom that comes with separate dressing area and ensuite bathroom, plus private balcony. Interaction with Guestswe are, for you, discreet, like you want to be, special for you. The Neighborhoodthe fishing village, unique and beautiful, with houses - restaurants, run by local cooks. The taste of fresh fish, cooked by fishermen, exclusive experiences! Getting AroundComing from Camamu , or Ituberá or Valença , our speed boat , waiting for take on in our paradise .