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2br Home/Apartment
  • Smoking Allowed
The SpaceIf you ever wanted to be at one with Cambodia, this is the place. People generally got to bed early &d get up early, taking advantage of the cooler mornings and take a rest in the middle of the day. The village itslef is ususally busiest in the early morning and aroundt 4pm was people return from their farms, their days work over, guardians of the temple return also, family meals are prepared, the village herd brought home and everybody prepares for evening to set in. Guest AccessGuests can use the traditonal jungle lodge, the kitchen buildings, the bathhouse, toilet and the grounds. Interaction with Guests A homestay manager will stay in the lodge or on the grounds at all times and will facilitate their stay as well as the driver who will help around the house. The NeighborhoodThis ancient complex of over 118 temples were once the capital of the Khmer Empire in the tenth century and the remote village of Koh Ker with 80 families offers a once in a life time look at a small quiet, remote, friendly, village in a remote corner of Cambodia. Two houses have solar power, ours and one other, a few houses have a generator and the remainder are using batteries to power lights and TVs. Some are using small oil burners at night. Seyong Town is 10kms awa.y Getting AroundTransport to and there is an additonal cost of $130 per way for a four wheel drive or 15 seater minibus vehicle and $50 a day while there. Other Things to NoteThis is a remote village and we have established the trickle of eco tourism the temples and Koh Ker since 2002, at a time where there was hardly a path to the Village and temple complex. We ask guests to be respectful of the local community and their culture and traditions.
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  • Wifi
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  • Breakfast
The Spacein countryside of Stung trung, quiet, relaxing... Guest AccessBoat tour on mekong river. Camping on island of mekong river. Wifi. Free Breakfast and pick up.
2br lodge
    Koh Ker Jungle Lodge is a traditionally built, Cambodian stilted house located in the remote village of Kok Ker, in the shadow of Koh Ker temple complex and with a view of the main stunning Pyramid Temple, Prasat Thom. Located 120 kms from Siem Reap, a stay here offers peace and quiet, early nights and ancient Cambodia at your doorstep. Perfect for individuals, couples, groups and families. If you ever wanted to be at one with Cambodia, this is the place. This ancient complex of over 118 temples, established in AD 919, was once the capital of the Khmer Empire in the tenth century. The picture perfect village of Koh Ker with 80 families offers a once in a life time to stay and be part of small, quiet, historic friendly village. The area is very much rural cambodia, small villages, People clearing the land, based and livingf off the land, increased farming prductions and trying out fo new crops, fertilizers and machinery. There is an excellent flat wide road to Koh Ker and visitors can see local people farmng rice, corn, papara, melons, green peppercorns, pumpkins, casave, red and green peppers, pinapples, mangos.. see those collecting wood to make a hosue to those how alreayd have a hosue to those with houses of brick. you will be ablel to seehow close and far some houses are from fresh water or a well , understand how collecting fireqwood and water is still a important part of the day and how a rural kitchen and really how a khmer house is used. You wil see who peolpe use batteries for light a night and maybe a television. Koh er Temple complex is the among the largest concentration of monuments outside Siem Reap.