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Bed & Breakfast
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The Pantanal Ranch MEIA Lua is located in the border region of Pantanal, hills and plateaus (headwaters of the Pantanal). Thus, 3 ecosystem meet which is mirrored in the animal and plant life. So live Capuchin and howler monkeys in the same area, has a large population of Giant Anteaters, Köhler turtles as well as groups of Capybaras, white neck Peccaris (wild boar) and of course also the Caymans not missing Nature can be captured with all senses, tasted, seen, and met. So accompanied by multilingual guides in addition to tree meditations & cooking with fresh, local produce, also tours nourish on the ranch even offered as day trips in the surroundings. So the Pantanal can be experienced with its rich flora & fauna close to skin the largest swamp area of the Earth is inquired walking, high horse, boat or Jeep.