Sako, South Sumatra, Indonesia Accommodations

Accommodations in Sako

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The SpaceHilariously Cheap, Safe & Convenient (received monthly, weekly, daily) offers 2 rooms were ready for the boarding! facilities; (room can be filled with 3 people) → bed (mattress, pillows and bolsters), → wardrobe, → garages, → water (hard water morbidly u / bath & laundry), → For cooking heat supplied drinking water (breakfast) in the morning, → free electricity (except carrying fan, magic Jarre / rice cooker (electric rice cookers), dispenser / electric water boiler, TV, iron (in particular iron; calculated cost / person in one room), Play station, DVD / VCD / cable TV decoder; masing2 added only Rp 50 thousand / items / month). (If you take the computer sitting 150.000/ month charged Rp. Note: laptop & / note book free of charge.). About Kost Mawar Kost Mawar is perfect for those who want to retreat and relax from the fatigue of a large city or a boring routine, Kost Mawar is so quiet, the house and family so pronounced, you will not feel awkward. Kost Mawar is also suitable for people who want to find inspiration as a writer or a painter's work, etc., or it could be inspiration for an important decision. you also get to see something original from Indonesia and the men general description of the boarding area Kost Mawar. Kost Mawar close to amenities such as PTC Mall General, Bank BNI, Bank BRI and Bank Mandiri. Lots of Eating in the Kost, if lazy out Kost, there are food vendors commonly stopped at a boarding Kost Mawar. Like, Green Peas porridge in the morning Approximately time between the hours of 8 am until 10 noon, there Jamu (traditional medicine beverages, commonly consumed by people of Indonesia), there is also a baker by trade mark Sari Roti almost every passing moment, if in the afternoon there mie tek tek food vendors, and food vendors at night dumplings and satay time to trade between eight pm to 9 pm. Kost rMawar also, there are itinerant greengrocer, every day of the 6 am to 11 noon. Lots of cheap facilities around the boarding area Kost Mawar, although not as complete as the big city but enough to comfortably Nb: AVAILABLE motorcycles, at close range, from boarding Kost Mawar to PTC Mall,, for only Rp 10,000 / one-way. TOP TEN (10) RULES OF 'MAIN' KOST Mawar (please note) 1.NIGHT TIME KOST (HOME, AWAY IN-OUT) KOST MAWAR. APPLY TODAY UNTIL MONDAY-FRIDAY AT 22:00 PM (TEN NIGHTS), EXCEPT TO SATURDAY-SUNDAY AT 24:00 PM (NIGHT TWELVE). IF THERE IS GOING HOME, AWAY IN-OUT, THROUGH TIME (22:00 GMT; MONDAY-FRIDAY / 24:00 pm; SATURDAY-SUNDAY) KOST OWNER MUST TELL DIRECTLY TO THE OWNER FOR THE OUT KOST / & CAN GO THROUGH THE PHONE OR SMS TO NO HP KOST MAWAR FOR THE HOME / IN LATE 2.VISIT TIME DAYS UNTIL MONDAY-FRIDAY APPLY AT 22:00 PM (TEN NIGHTS), EXCEPT TO SATURDAY-SUNDAY AT 24:00 PM (NIGHT TWELVE). 3.PRIOR TO TELL (& GETS APPROVAL) KOST OWNER IF THERE FRIENDS / FAMILY ABOUT STAY. STAY TIME ONLY BEEN TWO (2) DAYS. THROUGH OF TWO (2) DAYS KOST DAILY RATES CHARGED OR UNDER THE OWNER OF NEGOTIABLE KOST, OFTEN STAY HOWEVER IF ONLY TWO DAY RATES REMAIN SUBJECT TO KOST 4.SPECIAL GIRLFRIEND /BOYFRIEND/ TTM, BROUGHT TO KOST EXPECTED IF ONLY TO THE EXTENT IN TERRACE KOST. EVEN IF IN THE ROOM, SO (ONE) DOOR / WINDOW TO OPEN (TO AVOID SLANDER). 5.USE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE STOVE & MAGIC JARE (rice cooker) OWNER KOST EVERY DAY / OFTEN, BUT MONTHLY charge Rp. 32000/MONTH FOR STOVE & Rp.50.000/ MONTH. FOR MAGIC JARE. TIME USE STOVE & MAGIC JARE APPLY TO 22.00 pm (TEN NIGHTS) & 17.OO PM (FIVE AFTERNOON). 6.ALL GOODS ARE DEEMED WORTHY OF ANY SMALL (MONEY, JEWELRY, CLOTHES IN, HP & Decorations, etc.). IS THE ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY OF OWNER (CHILD KOST- boarding house owner is not responsible for, the children boarding the goods ). 7. GOODS ARE DEEMED WORTHY (O / CHILDREN KOST) THE BIG (LAPTOP, MOTORCYCLES, ORIGINAL GUCCI BAGS, CLOTHING DEPARTMENT / BRANDED,, etc), CAN ENTRUSTED TO KOST OWNERS IF LEFT IN THE KOST, KOST KNOW THAT OWNERS CAN PARTICIPATE & KEEP. (URL HIDDEN) DAMAGE KEY ROOM, FACILITY KOST (/ ARE STILL DEALING WITH FACILITIES KOST) THAT RESULT IN INJURY TO KOST ROSE (/ OWNER KOST & OTHER RESIDENTS KOST) RESIDENTS CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE KOST, THEN MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR BY KOST RESIDENTS CONCERNED & REPLACED THE LOSS ROSE TO KOST (/ OWNER KOST)(URL HIDDEN)NB: IF OUT MORE ACTIVITIES KOST, KOST RESIDENTS SHOULD TURN LIGHT ROOMS, OTHER ELECTRONIC ITEMS INCLUDING STOVE AND RICE COOKERS & AIR ELECTRICAL OR GAS 9.RESIDENTS KOST MAWAR, IN EXPECTED OVER BEFORE COPY OF IDENTITY AS A SECURITY GENERAL TERMS. RESIDENTS KOST MAWAR. BANNED!; STEAL. DO IMMORAL ACTS (ABUSIVE) OF ANY KIND. CHANGING FACILITIES KOST. PETS ARE EXCESSIVE HURT KOST MAWAR. DRUNK. DRUGS & FIGHT (FIST FIGHTS) IN KOST MAWAR . RESIDENTS KNOW IF THERE KOST MAWAR ACTION IS PROHIBITED IN THE KOST, THEN WILL BE CHARGED ACTION EXPRESS. & IF THERE ARE RESIDENTS KOST MAWAR OF SUCH THINGS THAT DO NOT KNOW THE KOST, THE OWNER MUST TELL KOST 10.ALL RESIDENTS PARTICIPATE KOST EXPECTED TO MAINTAIN PARTICIPATION SECURITY & SAFETY OF KOST MAWAR. GOOD LOVE, CALM, AT HOME, SAFE & COMFORTABLE IN ROSE KOST. THANK YOU KOST MAWAR ..
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    The SpaceRates are 100k /24h (Vario 125 iss) 500K /week (Vario 125 iss) 1,5M /month, (Vario 125 iss) CONDITIONS of Guarantee at least 3 true identity such as the E-ID card, passport, VEHICLE REGISTRATION (address in accordance with the E-ID CARD), A driver's license, TAX ID, social security/BPJS, Askes, Employee Cards, KTA, KTM. *mandatory ELECTRONIC ID CARD and the SIM got C *Willing in survey work hours: 07.00-17.00 Extension over 4 hours in wear rates 1 day address: JL. Musi raya Barat ( nol delapan dua satu tiga delapan delapan delapan delapan tujuh tujuh tujuh ) Guest Access- Tarif 100rb/24jam 500rb/minggu ( Vario 125 iss ) 1,5jt/bulan, ( Vario 125 iss ) SYARAT menjaminkan minimal 3 identitas asli seperti E-ktp, Paspor, STNK (alamat sesuai dgn E-KTP), Sim A, NPWP ,Jamsostek/BPJS, Askes,KartU Pegawai, KTA, KTM. *wajib KTP ELEKTRONIK dan punya SIM C *Bersedia di survei Jam Kerja : 07.00-17.00 **Perpanjangan lebih dari 4jam, di kenakan tarif 1hari Alamat : Jl. Musi Raya Barat ( nol delapan dua tiga tujuh tujuh tujuh sembilan sembilan sembilan sembilan tujuh ) Interaction with GuestsHi.... We provide rental of motor matic We hope we can help you provide a cheap vehicle for your trip in our city of palembang. Let's use the services we offer and enjoy the beauty of our beloved city of palembang And lets meet up and enjoying every momment,sharing,laughing and many more to do :) Come and visit Us :) rentalmotoroalembang. Traveling,meet new people,enjoying food