Send Us Your Rental Video Snippet & Get Famous

(and win $1000 while you're at it)

Airbnb, one of our many providers, has launched a new design where their homepage background ingrained quick snippets of people enjoying their rental and vacation.

We loved it.

We want to spoof it.

Here's how it works: Send us a video snippet (roughly 10-30 seconds) of someone checking in or enjoying their stay at their new room or destination, but make it interesting. Do something that makes us laugh, shocks us, or makes us think about something profound. The winner will get $1000 cash. Well, it'll be a check, but that's as good as cash, right?

Shoot a video on your phone, with a camera, even animate something. It's totally your call. We'll put all appropriate videos on our YouTube channel for the world to see, and on February 10 we'll vote for the best video. Your video might even make it on our home page!

How do you enter?

  1. Create a video (or create a dozen) and upload them to YouTube. Then send the link to us at, or through our Twitter or Facebook pages.
  2. Include a valid email address so we can notify everyone who won.
  3. That's it.

If you're looking for ideas to spur your creativity, here's one that has already been entered:

Some other ideas include:

  • - Couple is eating food at a table. The plate starts to move away from them on it's own.
  • - A woman walking down a scenic Parisian street. Batman walks by the other way.
  • - A well-to-do couple walk into a college-dorm looking apartment and check their pamphlet in confusion.
  • - A rock-and-roll star is let into a family-style home by an Ozzie and Harriett looking couple.
  • - A woman enjoying a view of the New York skyline at dusk. Godzilla appears in the corner and it cuts to black.

    Why are we doing this?

    AllTheRooms wants everyone to have as much fun as possible, while traveling, and while looking for a place to stay. That's why we built the world's only search engine that shows you everything on Airbnb plus every online bookable hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, and anything else you can find, including deals sites like Hotwire and Groupon.

    We have to say this boring stuff: Minimum 200 entries needed for prize consideration. Contest ends February 10. All entries will receive notification of winner. All entries agree to the rules of the contest at

    If you want to make an easy thousand bucks, then definitely don't share this with your friends (unless you're really nice):