Takengon, Aceh, Indonesia Accommodations

Accommodations in Takengon

Shared Room
1br Shared Room
    Do you want to know about Takengon, Aceh Indonesia, Just check on the internet. i can give you the accomodation for free. Really?yes!! i will give you everything if you want to know abot Aceh, about islam and every thing that you cant get at western life
    • Gym
    • Breakfast
    • Parking
    • Swimming Pool
    rumah yang kami sediakan sangat nyaman untak anda beristirahat,menyediakan tempat untuk anda meng hilang stres waktu anda bekerja,bisa memandang suasana alam dan merasakan sejuknya hembusan angin dari alam bebas,rumah ini sangat damai bila ditempati satu keluarga,apa bila anda ada keluhan silah kan hubungi kami terimakasih!
    1br Resort
    • Smoking Allowed
    My place belongs to "The Banyak Islands" which are a group of small isolated islands in the north west of Sumatra. There are only two other "surf camp" style hostels in the area. We are in a protected area of the bay surrounded by 4 different surf spots in some of the most deserted waves of this region. The area is filled with live coral reef, mangroves, small private beaches, and jungle.