Top 10 New Year's Eve Destinations

These are the Places to Sing Auld Lang Syne and Welcome 2015

New Year's Eve is the biggest party night of the year. It one of the few times where the entire world comes together to celebrate at once (or thereabouts), but it's also a time where almost everyone goes out to rejoice. There will be millions of parties in cities and towns around the globe but none bigger than these top ten destinations.

Sydney - Sydney Harbor
Australia's most popular city has the fine distinction of being one of the first places to usher in the New Year, so it makes the top of the list. Millions of people will be filling the shoreline to witness one of the best fireworks displays on earth. Celebrate on a cruise in the harbor of hit one of the many sponsored parties around the city.

Rio - Copacabana Beach
Next to Carnival, this is the biggest celebration in Brazil every year. Over two million people make their way to the famous beach for live music and fireworks. One of the more interesting traditions is that everyone wears white clothing, probably so it can get easily stained with the throngs of people spraying champagne at midnight.

New York City - Times Square
There will be over a million people lining the streets of Manhattan to watch the famous ball drop, with over a billion watching on television. The festivities begin mid-afternoon, and many famous acts will perform until the confetti falls. The surrounding bars and restaurants will be packed, but everyone makes their way here by midnight.

Berlin - Brandenburg Gate
The streets of Germany's capital will be overfilling with festivities, with over two million people filing the city to welcome 2015. However, the place to be is this open-air party at Brandenburg, with over two kilometers of light and laser shows, drink stands, fireworks, and live music from famous performers of today and yesteryear.

Las Vegas - The Las Vegas Strip
It's a party every night in Las Vegas, but this town turns it up to eleven on New Year's Eve. Every club and bar will be filled to capacity, but on this night you won't need to pay for bottle service. The famous Strip is closed to become a pedestrian promenade. Watch the fireworks and revel in the street with over tens of thousands of people.

London - Thames River
Find a spot early to witness the fireworks display over the London Eye, because there will be a few other hundred thousand people coming down to Big Ben to hear the final ticks on the clock before midnight. South Bank's pubs and clubs will be filled, but the streets will be one big open party.

Edinburgh - Princes Street
These Scots take their New Year (or as they call it, Hogmanay) so seriously that they stretch it over a few days that starts with a torchlight procession of 35,000 participants on December 30. The street party that has become so popular that they had to issue passes to stop the overwhelming flow of revelers.

New Orleans - Jackson Square
Obviously this famed Louisiana city is going to have one of the biggest celebrations around. While the French Quarter's nightclubs and bars will be packed all night, at midnight many will flock the few blocks down to the square to witness the Fleur-de-Lis Drop and fireworks display over the Mississippi River.

Paris - Champs-Elysees
Throngs of people will be filling the famous avenue to view the Eiffel Tower, which will be lit up with a sparkling light display and fireworks that is displayed on television around the world. There are a variety of bars and clubs along the boulevard to celebrate Saint-Sylvestre, but the street itself will be packed to the brim by 11pm.

Hong Kong - Victoria Harbor
This city has it's own New Year's Eve ball drop at the Times Square Shopping Mall, but the special effects and fireworks display over the waterfront is one of the best in the world. Practically the entire city will be there, but best spots to witness the show are around the Avenue of the Stars and Golden Bauhinia Square.

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