Top 10 Budget Destinations for 2015

We've handpicked the top vacation spots for your hard-earned dollar

If you're starting to plan your vacations for the coming year and want to stretch your wallet as far as you can go, AllTheRooms has some budget ideas for destinations near and far away. Some might intrigue you and others might surprise you, but these all give great value for your next trip.

Those from Australia and New Zealand already know this island well, but it's starting to grow as a beach hotspot across the globe now. There are affordable beachfront hostels (from $10), but even the luxury resorts offer incredibly reasonable rates (starting at $25/night) in comparison with other popular beach destinations.

It's arguably the most exotic and safe mainstream city in Asia, which also makes it one of the most popular with tourists. Everything is affordable here, including entertainment and meals. W're seeing 4-star hotels with rates averaging $35/night. It's a perfect city to travel by foot, as there are unique surprises around every corner.

It's one of the more popular vacation spots for U.S. travelers, but that doesn't stop if from being inexpensive. The resorts on the beach are still pricey you can find 4-star hotel rates from $45/just a couple blocks inland. Even if you spend a bit more on lodging you'll get it back on meals, drinks, and souvenirs.

South Africa
The currency exchange here is very desirable, and travelers can experience quite a bit of Africa in one country, and the weather is much more desirable. Whether you're looking for the wildlife safaris or amazing ocean activities, it's all much more reasonably priced. Cape Town and Johannesburg both offer 4-star accommodations starting at $40/night.

Europe has already realized this, but this country is growing as a holiday destination. From the historic ruins to the sights of Istanbul to the gorgeous beaches along the Mediterranean, it's become very popular. A U.S. dollar is worth well over $2 Turkish Lira currently, and a deluxe hotel only sets you back $30-$50, even on the Riviera.

This Greek island is very popular during the summer months, but the rates don't show it. You can rent a deluxe apartment overlooking the Mediterranean for as little as $50/night. You'll get the Greek island experience as a fraction of the cost of more popular hotspots Santorini and Mykonos.

Costa Rica
This always makes everyone's list of great budget destinations, and with good reason. There's a whole lot to do and it costs a whole little, from ziplining through a rainforest, scuba and snorkel the reefs, or tour the cities for next to nothing. A 4-star hotel in popular Tamarindo starts at $75/night, or rent a 2-bedroom villa near the beach for the same price.

Puerto Rico
One luxury this Caribbean destination has over many is U.S. citizens don't need a passport to visit and the currency is the dollar. Many use this island as jumping off point to other places, but it offers the same weather, beaches, affordable rates, but there is not adjoining flight to take. A plush vacation rental near the ocean starts at $55/night, and luxury beachfront resorts start at $120.

Myrtle Beach
This was once an incredibly popular destinations for U.S. travelers, but has fallen by the wayside in the last couple decades. That being said, it's still a fabulous summer destination for the price. There's miles of beaches, a great nightlife and boardwalk, and a variety of golf courses. An upscale beachfront resort will run you a little over $100 in peak season, but a deluxe condo overlooking the ocean can be had for as little as $50/night.

This one might be seem like a surprise but it's true. For families this is the place your children want to go and summer is the time to visit. It's obviously very hot then, but that means less people visiting and the parks tend to offers package discounts. We see 4-star Downtown Disney hotels from $60/night, or take the family to a deluxe 4-bedroom home minutes from the park from $50.

Where are you thinking of going for your next vacation? AllTheRooms has plenty of availability in almost every destination on earth.