Top 10 Off-Peak Winter Destinations for 2015

We've handpicked the top vacation spots for you to beat the crowds and pay less

Winter is an interesting time to travel, as some travelers look for snow-covered destinations to ski and others look to escape the cold. Those looking for a winter getaway with less crowds and affordable rates should consider these destinations. We at AllTheRooms have looked at trends and rates to find the most affordable places to visit during the off-peak months.

While visitors will never find a perfect time to visit the capital of Italy, winter is the least crowded of any of the seasons. The best part about Italy in general is even in the coldest months the weather is mild and comfortable. Rates can be $100-$150 less than in peak summer season as well.

All of Mexico could be lumped in here, but Cancun is arguably the most popular destination. The weather is actually the most pleasant during the winter months, but the rates and airline fares are cheaper due to low demand. Just be sure to visit before the Spring Break crowds appear.

New York City
Whether it be due to the cold weather or the post-holiday lull, it means there are drops in airline tickets and lodging rates. All the museums are still open, there's ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza, and there's plenty of things to see and do with a fraction of the crowds.

Hawaii is a top destination at any time of the year, but families usually wait until spring break or summer to visit, which means there is more availability on flights and rooms. Luxury resorts are a fraction of the price and there's plenty of vacation rentals to choose from.

Los Angeles
If you have a family Southern California is a great place to visit, with beaches, amusement parks, and plenty of famous landmarks. However, in the winter the weather is still sunny, the lines to Disney and Universal Studios are subdued, and rates all around are about a third of the price.

Visiting museums like the Louvre in summer means astronomical lines. However, in the cooler winter months there are half the crowds and the cold outside won't matter when you spend your day inside looking at history. There might be some unpleasant weather but there will be fewer tourists all around.

Key West
The rest of Florida fills up over the winter months, but Key West is surprisingly affordable, even though this is still considered their high season. The weather is just a few degrees colder than in the peak summer months, the rates are relatively affordable all around, and hurricane season is months away.

Las Vegas
After New Year's Eve and CES Sin City come down for a bit, and the weather is still placid. As is usual with Vegas visiting mid-week is the best time, as everything is a fraction of the cost including flights, rates, and shows.

As January settles in the visitors to the capital of Japan drop significantly. The hotel rates are reduced and tourist attractions are significantly less crowded. However, while the weather may be a bit on the cooler side it is for the most part sunny and rain is sporadic at best.

San Francisco
Mark Twain was right - summer in San Francisco can be chilly. However, in the winter months there are less visitors and similar weather. Rates are much more reasonable, there isn't a two-month wait to ferry out to Alcatraz, and the city's great restaurant and nightlife scene still pulses strong.

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