Top 10 Winter Festivals and Carnivals

Find yourself a winter wonderland in every corner of the globe

So what if summer is over?  Winter is upon us! So get your groove on because some of the best parties/festivals/carnivals happen during this time, where it's cool in some places and oh-so-hot in others. Here's some ideas to inspire your next trip.
Quebec Winter Carnival
This is the biggest winter festival in the North America! A million people head to Canada for snow slides, ice canoe races, sleigh rides, even snow baths (look it up). 

Mardi Gras
How can we not include this? It's more a two-week party than a festival, but there really are parades and events alongside the drinking and bead-tossing.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival
It's probably the biggest festival on earth, with millions of people celebrating in the streets. Come for the detailed floats, incredible music, and jaw-dropping dancing.
Sundance Film Festival
Arguably the most famous of the film festivals, this one's fantastic because you can ski Park City during the day and hang with celebrities at night. 

Battle of the Oranges
Also known as the Carnival Di Ivrea, this is the most famous food fight in Italy. Essentially thousands of people throw oranges at each other. It's as fun as it sounds.
Sapporo Snow Festival
It's Japan's best winter event, as millions flock to see ice sculptures of everything from famous people to city skylines. Even the music is performed on an ice stage.

Carnival of Venice
This two-week festival is all about masks and costumes. It's a great time to eat, drink, and ride a gondola incognito along the famous canals.

South Beach Food & Wine Festival
Florida is blitzed by 50,000 people to eat, drink and soak up the sun. This year the bonus is Miami Beach will be celebrating their 100th birthday around the same time.
Nice Carnival
It's the biggest winter event in all of France. Witness thousands of entertainers, parades, floats, and parades along the shores of the French Riviera.

World Ski & Snowboard Festival
It's North America's the largest winter mix of sports, art, music and revelry. This Whistler festival's motto is 'Party in April. Sleep in May.'  Need we say more?

We're sure we missed some great ones so do a search for your destination on our site here. With 3.1 million places available across the planet there's sure to be availability.