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How I Became An International Programmer, And How Can You Become One Too.

how to become a programmer

Orginally posted in Spanish on Pulso Social. See the original article here.   Written by Daniel Felipe López, Backend Developer at AllTheRooms.    The internet has drastically changed the way we interact with the world, changing dynamics not only in our personal and professional life, but also in the ways of creating new businesses. My career […]

9 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

save money with travel credit cards

What’s keeping you from going on your next vacation right now? Well, it’s probably due to one of two reasons: 1. You can’t get enough time off from work. 2. Vacations are just too expensive. Unfortunately, most jobs won’t let you take off anytime you feel like it. So, unless you’re willing to quit your […]

Guide to Off-the-Beaten Path Adventures in Europe

adventures in Europe

Europe is a popular travel destination for many people: the history, culture, food, nightlife, and natural beauty appeal to a huge number of visitors every year. The result is destinations that are full of crowds and tourist traps.  This makes things difficult for travelers who want an authentic and unique European experience. Here are a few tips on how […]

Top 6 Travel Hacks for Packing

packing tips travel

Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Visiting to new places, taking a break from work and spending time with friends and family are just a few of the rewarding benefits of taking a vacation. The act of travel, on the other hand, isn’t so pleasant. Unfortunately the two go hand in hand. Traveling is a hassle for […]

How far would you travel for your college football team? 

BCS games

College football rankings are out! This might just be the best time of year for college football fans nationwide: the time when the top teams across all divisions face each other for the most coveted title in college football. It’s also a time when diehard fans come out to show their commitment. And with games […]

6 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Picky Traveler


  Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner, which means buying gifts, gifts and more gifts. Fortunately, we bet that most of the folks on your list don’t require much effort.  Mom and Dad are going to love you no matter what tie or scarf you give them. For most others, […]

NYE – The Best Cities To Ring In The New Year And Where To Stay

new year travel

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, there are a lot of cities that like to do it big. While you could always opt for New York City, the crowds (and the prices) can be overwheleming. That’s why we’re all about showing you some of the more unusual places where you can spend the big […]

AllTheRooms Approved: Mariner Guesthouse, a getaway near Cape Town, South Africa


Simon’s Town, False Bay in South Africa is a quiet getaway from the frenetic pace and energy of Cape Town. Situated on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula it’s an ideal spot for nature lovers. With large swells hitting the rocks, plenty of beaches, a vibrant terrain and a sleepy, small town vibe; it’s […]

Guide to Malta – Beaches, History and Nightlife


Malta is a fascinating and exciting Mediterranean destination that many people overlook. Although it’s full of history, great beaches, and a vibrant nightlife, we’ve found that there’s a ton of Americans who don’t even know where it is, much less how much it offers. From its rich history to stunning beaches and seemingly never-ending options for nightlife, […]

8 Best Instagram Accounts for Female Travelers

Female Travelere Instagram

“I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.” – Calamity Jane We’re taking a page from Jane’s book and planning our next adventures, and what better way to get inspired than with some of our favorite female Instagrammers? We’ve rounded up a list of our top eight […]

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