Colombia’s Most Beautiful Beaches


Despite notorious Colombian stereotypes rooted in drug-related warfare, the rich culture, geographic diversity and spirited people of the country have attracted more and more tourists from around the world in recent years. Known for it’s incredible geographic diversity, we’ve selected some of Colombia’s most beautiful beaches to highlight. If you are in search of sunshine on […]

Is Colombia safe?

is colombia safe

Colombia, a country once devastated by drugs, violence and crime, is no longer the place that it was 20 years ago. These days, Colombia tourism is on an upswing with one of its major cities, Medellin—once known to be the most dangerous area in Colombia—receiving notable attention among the expat community. Just how did a […]

8 Things I have learned as a Female Solo Traveler


Photo by Gui Seiz 1.Enjoy myself I have no issue with doing stuff on my own. Being with company is good, but being alone has its own fascination. After you learn to enjoy yourself everything else becomes more enjoyable. I can enjoy staying at home on a Friday night, wandering around in cities, or just […]

Your Barranquilla Carnival 2017 Guide

barranquilla carnival location

Bienvenido a la fiesta! Dancing all day and night, never-ending parades, extravagant costumes and painted faces, what more could you ask for in the biggest party in Colombia? The second-largest carnival in the world (just after Rio de Janeiro’s), Barranquilla’s Carnival is not to be missed. If you’re planning on taking a trip to this Caribbean […]

Women’s March on Washington 2017 – Packing List

inauguration day 2017

Headed to the Women’s March on Washington in January? If you’ve ever been to Washington D.C. in the winter then you know all about the bone chilling winter temperatures that await you. And if you haven’t, you’ll soon find out that winter on the east coast is nothing to take lightly. The march will be no exception. […]

Guide to Off-the-Beaten Path Adventures in Europe

adventures in Europe

Europe is a popular travel destination for many people: the history, culture, food, nightlife, and natural beauty appeal to a huge number of visitors every year. The result is destinations that are full of crowds and tourist traps.  This makes things difficult for travelers who want an authentic and unique European experience. Here are a few tips on how […]

Your 2017 Coachella Guide

Coachella 2017

Coachella 2017 is sure to be an intoxicating experience, for many reasons. It shouldn’t, however, be a stressful one. If you’re headed to the festival this year, you’ll need to be prepared for both the enchantment and the chaos. Whether you’re a Coachella vet or a festival novice, this guide will help you navigate and […]

How to find a monthly rental in any city in the world

apartments in medelllin

See the world, meet inspiring people, learn new languages and skills. All are benefits of being a digital nomad. For as many benefits, there are just as many challenges. Learning the ropes in each new undiscovered city you choose, meeting new friends and joining a new community, and finally (and possibly most painful), finding a place to […]

The Best Places To Honeymoon

best places to honeymoon

If you are one of the lucky ones who recently got engaged over the holidays, AllTheRooms wants to wish you warm congratulations! Holidays are such a magical time of the year, and even more so if you have an additional reason to celebrate, like an upcoming wedding. Although the wedding plans may be far off, […]

Last minute NYE Getaways

last minute nye deals

The year is coming to an end. It’s time to plan your 2016 exit, in style. With all the holiday madness, you may have overlooked one important detail: where to stay for New Year’s. While there are countless places to ring in 2017, if you’re looking in some of the top NYE destinations, accommodation prices […]

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