The Life is Beautiful Festival 2017 Guide

global dance festival 2017

Life is Beautiful Festival is a massive celebration of music, art and food set in the middle of downtown Las Vegas. The energy in the streets during this 3-day festival is unmatched, even by Las Vegas standards. Top DJs, musicians and artists bring together crowds of over 100,000 people through music, live mural paintings and […]

Your Guide to Lightning in a Bottle 2017

Lightning in a Bottle 2017

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) brings together a full festival experience with art shows, workshops, movement classes and, of course, music. Lightning in a Bottle festival aims to get you fully immersed in the 4-day event, leaving behind anything but positive feelings and magnetic energy. Between sunrise yoga classes and night-long DJ sets with an […]

Your Outside Lands 2017 Guide

outside lands 2017

This year, the notorious Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. That means the acts are going to be better, the food tastier and the crowds even bigger. And with headliners like The Who and Lorde, Outside Lands will live up to its reputation and more. This festival is all about the […]

Your Guide to Startup Fest 2017

startup fest 2017

Startup Fest isn’t your typical, stuffy business convention. Yes, you’ll find all your tech industry heroes here running workshops and teaching seminars. Beyond that, Startup Fest is a breath of fresh air for participants. From 15-year old inventors to big name startup founders, the convention offers an experience as innovative as the companies that come […]

Startup Events in Europe in 2017

startup events in Europe

The startup scene in Europe is large and active enough to have a “Hot 100” list designated by Wired Magazine every year, as well as a few hundred events dedicated specifically to the startup community. Whether you’re looking to understand the startup landscape in Europe or you’re in the midst of developing a startup, these […]

How to Survive Long Bus Rides in South America

bus rides in south america

The most common and typically cheapest way to travel throughout South America is by bus, which can make for some long rides to get to your desired destinations. If you plan to take any of these three common bus routes in Colombia, Peru and Chile — or any long bus trip in South America for […]

15 Things You Should Know Before Attending Shambhala Festival

Shambhala Festival 2017

  Shambhala is the festival experience that we all want. It’s the perfect blend of music, love and community, it prioritizes the festival-goers’ experience over financial gain, and revitalizes a belief in collective humanity. Shambhala Festival restores our faith in the authentic festival experience. While Shambhala had humble beginnings, the festival has grown to a full-on […]

Your Guide to Firefly Music Festival 2017

Firefly music festival 2017

  Set in a lush woodland in Dover, Delaware, the 2017 Firefly Music Festival features a whopping 140 bands, on 9 stages. The amazing line-up includes the likes of The Weeknd, Muse and Weezer. Read on for everything you need to know about Firefly Festival 2017. Firefly Music Festival Dates & Location The festival takes […]

The Low-Down on Montebello RockFest 2017

Montebello RockFest 2017

Canada’s largest Rock Festival is back with a bang! Montebello RockFest is an epic party weekend with some of the world’s top rock acts taking the stage, including Queens of the Stone Age, AFI and The Offspring. The festival is three days of music, followed by a killer after-party on day four. Read on for […]

Your Guide to Rock on the Range Festival 2017

Rock on the Range 2017

Love to head-bang to heavy music? This year’s epic Rock on the Range festival is approaching and it’s the place for fans of heavy metal music to be! Rock on the Range takes place in Columbus, Ohio. Spread over three days, this year’s killer line-up includes the likes of Metallica, KORN and The Offspring on […]

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