The top 3 destinations in Mexico for spring break

Photo by Scott Webb

To plan your ideal spring break you first must choose the destination, and the only thing more exciting than having an entire week off of school is going international! Mexico is the #1 spring break destination, so why look anywhere else? Anyway, when you’re choosing from the best of the best, not much can go wrong. Compare these top 3 places in Mexico that offer a […]

Mardi Gras 2017 Guide

Mardi Gras 2017

Although Mardi Gras has its origins in Europe, the celebration moved to New Orleans in the 1700s, and has grown to one of the largest parties around the world. The people of New Orleans call it “the greatest free show on earth,” and from the float parades to the extravagant costumes, this is a pretty […]

The time for Cuba is now, or never

The time for Cuba is now, or never

With the charm of an untouched authenticity and the lure of having long been a forbidden land, Cuba is a top destination for tourists, and especially American travelers. However, the time for Americans to visit this unique and beautiful country is now, or never, as there is a likelihood that the opportunity will soon vanish. U.S. […]

Sudan – a destination less traveled


Sudan is a country located in Northeast Africa with 500 miles of coastline along the Red Sea. The Nile River runs through all of Sudan, contributing to the country’s natural beauty. Most of the Sudanese people are a combination of Arab and African ancestry, although the country has multiethnic origins. Despite the political unrest in […]

A Taste of Mexico

Mexico food

Mexico has an undeniable influence in the United States through the many immigrants that have found a home above the border. As is the state of current politics, a taste of Mexico might just be the reminder we need that this country is not one worth blocking out. While there is a huge Latino influence in U.S. sports, politics, […]

The Truth about Iran


Iran, despite its positive contributions to the rest of the world, has been the target of undeserved criticism. Much of the controversy stems from a lack of understanding about the country and its people, not to mention sweeping generalizations surrounding Muslim culture. To truly understand the Iranian culture, it’s imperative to look beyond these generalizations […]

Rio Carnival 2017 Party Guide

Rio Carnival 2017

Rio Carnival 2017 in Brazil is the world’s largest party and it only happens once a year. As with all large festivals, there are a range of things to take into account so that you can enjoy the party from beginning to end. This is your guide for a successful Carnival in Rio that you won’t soon forget.   […]

The best hostels in Colombia

hostels in colombia

Colombia is a vast country with several popular destinations. Every city, countryside, and town offers a unique experience for travelers. The only difficult decision is where to stay when visiting these places. With Colombian tourism on the rise, accommodation options are everywhere. Not all accommodations are created equal, however, leaving the traveler to wonder which […]

Valentine’s Day 5 Best Places for a Dance Romance


Latin American culture undeniably contains the sexiest, most romantic dances out there. On Valentine’s Day you may be looking to be swept off your feet, dance out a wild night or rekindle the sparks in your relationship. These 5 Valentine’s Day destinations are perfect for creating a dance romance on the day of love. 1. Buenos Aires – […]

President’s Day 2017 Sales in Travel

president's day sales

President’s Day is the perfect amount of time for an extended weekend getaway. Of course, the holiday takes place right in the middle of the winter season, which typically is not an ideal time to travel. This means one of two things: time to hit the slopes or time to get away to somewhere warmer! Luckily, […]

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