Open Minds, Open Borders: Why Travel is Vital in Today’s World

Photo by David Amsler

In light of the recent immigration ban in the United States, we must recognize that there is a need for open minds and, likewise, open borders. Both endeavors that can be realized by one seemingly scary, but ultimately rewarding act by every U.S. citizen: travel. Without taking the trip ourselves, we might not realize the following three truths tied to our modern, […]

7 companies taking action against the immigration ban

immigration ban

President Trump enacted an executive order last week that banned immigration from 7 predominately Muslim countries, including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This order has been met with immediate backlash. Protests broke out across major U.S. airports, politicians voiced their disdain and citizens rallied to offer their support.     On the legal […]

Best Spanish Schools in Latin America

best places to study spanish

Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, after Chinese, English and Hindu. You may want to learn the language for academic or business purposes, or just for the pleasure of having a more enriching experience in Latin America. If you’re looking for a program to learn Spanish, there are many choices. You want to […]

Trip through the Colombian Coffee Triangle

The Colombian “Coffee Triangle” is named for its production of what many consider the best coffee in the world. A visit to the region will show coffee lovers the very origins of their favorite bean. What you may not realize, is that a trip through the Colombian Coffee Triangle of Pereira, Manizales and Armenia has some […]

Coachella 2017 Survival Guide

Photo by Thomas Hawk

So, you want to brave the dusty lands of the Coachella Music Festival this year? Whether you’re new to the festival or a return visitor, you may need some tips to help you navigate the experience. Here is everything you need to know to survive the Coachella 2017 experience from the mouths of the festival […]

Where to stay for Coachella (if you’re not the camping type)

where to stay for coachella

Now that you have your festival passes, there is one important question you must ask yourself: where to stay for Coachella? Yes, there’s always the option to camp out in the dusty fields celebrating through the night with fellow festivalgoers. To join in the endless party, neglecting sleep and taking in every moment of inebriated […]

3 Downsides to Living Abroad

downsides to living abroad

There are a lot of reasons to adore international living. With new cultures, people and foods, everything is a novelty! What’s not to love? Well…a few things actually. Here are 3 downsides to living abroad, because while there are obvious benefits to the experience there are also some unspoken difficulties to be shared. 1. Your Friends […]

Common Colombian Phrases to use on your Colombia Trip

colombian expressions

Whether it’s a short visit or an international move, knowing the ins and outs of local life is important while traveling. Everything from street slang to most common greetings, these Colombian expressions will help you get around like a local and meld with the culture.   Greetings  Colombians are not lacking in vocabulary seeing as these pretty much […]

Colombia’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Photo Iván Esteban Reina Ortiz

Despite notorious Colombian stereotypes rooted in drug-related warfare, the rich culture, geographic diversity and spirited people of the country have attracted more and more tourists from around the world in recent years. Known for it’s incredible geographic diversity, we’ve selected some of Colombia’s most beautiful beaches to highlight. If you are in search of sunshine on […]

Is Colombia safe?

Photo Geraint Rowland

Colombia, a country once devastated by drugs, violence and crime, is no longer the place that it was 20 years ago. These days, Colombia tourism is on an upswing. This once war-torn country known for kidnappings and violence has made it to the top of the tourist destination list and is receiving notable attention from media […]

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