The Raise Part 3: An Investor’s Checklist

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Before you go into a pitch, it’s important to know exactly what an investor will be looking out for. Here is my checklist for everything to include. Angel Investor’s Checklist __ Does a team even exist? __ Do I hear a consistent story? __ Am I excited about how they work together? __ Are the […]

The Raise Part 2: Investor Turn-Ons

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Contrary to my last post, Investor Turn-Offs, which talked about which things to avoid when pitching to investors, there are also some things that should come through. What are angel investors looking for?   Characteristics of the entrepreneur What characteristics shine through your presentation and answers? These are the top characteristics angels look for: Integrity, […]

The Raise Part 1: 10 Investor Turnoffs – Joe DiTomaso

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When you’re pitching to an angel investor, you’ll usually have less than 20 minutes to make the case that they should invest their money in you and your team. Be prepared and know what they want – and don’t want – to hear from you.   Don’t waste your time nor their’s. Here are my […]

44 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read – Joe DiTomaso

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“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” –William Styron   Reading is a muscle that every entrepreneur should exercise often. Here are 44 books that I believe every entrepreneur, or aspiring entrepreneur, should read:   Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand Fountain […]

Why I Became an Entrepreneur: Joe DiTomaso


Meet Joe DiTomaso, AllTheRooms’ co-founder and CEO. We sat down with Joe this week to hear his story and his tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Why did you become an entrepreneur? A couple years ago, William Beckler and I started AllTheRooms, the world’s largest accommodations search engine. There are various reasons why I became an entrepreneur. […]