The Rise of The Poshtel

So what is a Poshtel and how do I find it?

For those who don't know, a poshtel or posh-tel is a hostel that has underwent a huge renovation or upheaval in the hopes of attracting a more broad range of clientele. It's also becoming quite a big buzzword in the travel community over the last couple years.

Essentially many hostels that try to appeal to a higher array of people are being ostracized due to their weaker elk - those who have shady bunk beds shoved head-to-toe in a room and offer a breakfast of stale toast and week-old fruit. Finally these medium to higher-end properties have decided to do something about it. A re-branding was long in order.

Now these poshtels are becoming a global trend where people of all types can come and stay for just a few dollars more than an ordinary hostel. Obviously there isn't a star ranking to go around on average with hostels, so it's very world-of-mouth to find the ones that appeal to the higher-end community. Sites like PoshtelStay, and are starting grow, but AllTheRooms has every hostel listed here and many more.

So what makes a hostel a "poshtel"? Increased security, for one. More privacy than more hostels makes a difference. Location is always a plus. One of the biggest draws are the amenities - new bathrooms, a hip and stylish lobby, free internet access, clean towels, and a welcoming staff all makes the poshtel something more than your ordinary hostel..

But what makes a poshtel stand out are the rooms - less people, more comfortable beds, fun and unique designs, and comfortable surroundings all make the extra dollar go further for the discerning traveler.

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