Worst Most-Popular Places to Celebrate Valentine's Day

We recommend giving them your heart in a different place than here

Some destinations are so well-known as the place to spend Valentine's Day we thought here at AllTheRooms we would shed a little light on why you might want to think twice about heading to these apparent hotspots to get romantic.

Yes, the City of Lights and the Eiffel Tower has that look that makes you want to snuggle up with your ex again, but don't forget this is what makes Paris famous and they will mark up restaurants and cafes in the immediate area to take advantage of it. Imagine how many people are going to be doing selfies under the lights and think twice.

San Francisco
Sure the Golden Gate is beautiful, but try finding a restaurant with a view where you can see it. Honestly, there really aren't any in San Francisco. You're better off going across the bay to stare at it, spend a fortune on a dinner cruise, or just having a picnic at the nearby beach.

New York
Yes, it's the home to pretty much every romantic Valentine's Day movie ever made, just because you're home to The Empire State Building doesn't mean you're romantic. It means you're out of creativity. We're not suggesting you head to Newark or Staten Island, but just remember how many people are going to attempt to ice skate at Rockefeller Center that day and make plans accordingly.

Buenos Aires
Yes, it's the home of the Tango (the dance of lovers) but it's also home to some gorgeous single guys and gals. You want that kind of competition while you're just trying to earn some points?

Las Vegas
You can find the fanciest restaurants, the most glorious rooms, and the most amenities of practically any city on the planet. Just watch out cause everyone else will be wasted and hitting on your significant other.

Niagara Falls
It's probably the most cheesiest place to go on a honeymoon or Valentine's Day, but that's now what makes it kitsch I suppose. Do you want that to be misinterpreted just to be clever?

Sure there is something about the Aegean Sea that screams romance. However, it's a very popular tourist trap and you'll be stuck next to the hundreds of other out-of-towners looking to be romantic with their date while fighting elbow-to-elbow.

We absolutely love everything about Hawaii, but Honolulu is a big old American city, pure and simple. Get anywhere outside of the tourist trap that is Waikiki to really find your romantic side. Otherwise you're just spending your money alongside a tropical metropolis with thousands of families.

We acknowledge it's actually one of the most unique cities in the world, but if you think it's romantic then you've never actually looked down and stared at what floats in those canals. Don't even ask how much it is to hire a gondola - it's more than a car payment.

Any other time of year is the time of year to visit Italy's most romantic city, but prices are at a premium for stays during this one time of the year and you'll be neck-in-neck next to people on their knees proposing during your date. Do you need that type of pressure?

Where are you planning on celebrating Valentine's Day? We have accommodations in every single destination on the planet.