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Tutorial Guide: Maps

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Our map will allow you to navigate specific area, understand the density of the short-term rental properties, dig into different neighbourhoods and analyze the performance of each individual property. You can click on the property dots and look into all the details of that specific property.

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-Polygons & Boundaries: Our areas are based on polygons. A polygon is a geographic area that limits…, polygons are not exact, they are based on. When you search an area you will find a blue line that surrounds the perimeter of the zone you are analyzing. that line represents the boundaries of the area, everything that is outside that line will not be included if you decide to purchase that area.

-Fetch Feature: Our fetch feature is a tool that allows you to retrieve information from a specific set of blocks in an area. You can zoom in the map and visualize some blocks you want to research and then click into the fetch button. Once you click the fetch button you will be able to see all the metrics from the properties that are inside the area you just fetched. This tool will help you analyzing and comparing different neighbourhoods and making sure other properties in the location you are evaluating are having similar revenue to what you are expecting.

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-Zoom out Zoom In: zoom in as much as you need. wether you want to see the whole city, the neighbourhoods or a specific street on the map, our zoom will allow you to navigate all around the are you are searching. If you need more space in the map you can click on the square button and make the map fullscreen. If you want to go back and see the boundaries of the area you can click on the circle button on the map right below the zoom in zoom out buttons.

-Map property Color Code: You will notice that any map will show you dots. Each of these dots represent a property listed on airbnb or Vrbo. The color of the dot represents the type of property. Red means they are renting the entire home, yellow means they are renting a private room and blue means they are renting a shared room. Whenever you see a purple dot it means it is usually a small hotel that is being advertise on airbnb or vrbo.

- View Single property: If you are interested in a specific property or want to see the data from one single listing you can just click on the dot and you will be able to see all most important performance metrics from that specific property: Its characteristics: number of bedrooms, bathrooms and guests, its average daily rate, occupancy rate and the vacation rental property score. If you want to see more details you can click on that property and analyze the property page.

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Final Comment

Being able to see all listings on a map allows you to visually understand where is a big concentration of properties listed on airbnb or Vrbo. Make sure you use the map to make you analysis and take your the best investment decision.

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