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Tutorial Guide: Historical

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Our historical allows you to get all the data you need to know to evaluate a specific market. You can search a market, analyze the most important metrics of that market in a period of time and play with our filters to get information from a specific type of property. You can also navigate the map to search specific properties and analyze all the details from that property. After you specify your market of interest in the search bar (it can be a city, a neighbourhood, a zip code) you can review some of the following items:

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-Play with the Filters. Set up the filter to find data from the type of properties you are interested. Define the provider, the type of place and property, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and even the number of guests and amenities. You can open and hide the filters once you are done specifying your search. You will be able to see the number of listings available with those characteristics at the bottom of the filter tab. You will be able to see the number of listings matching your search parameters and how many of those listings were active in the last 30 days.

-Set up a period of time. Define the period of time you want to analyze. You can look at the data of one specific month, 3 months, 12 months, 4 years or even set up a specific range of dates. It is important that you can play with the dates because it will help you understand how the metrics change based on the different seasons of the year. How does a weekend behave compared to other days of the week. what are the months with higher demand? what are the months where you should expect a decrease. Date filters allow you to make information more relevant to you.

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Another important filter you can make is that you can display information on the graph daily, weekly, monthly o yearly. Use this filter based on what you need to visualize. If you are looking at yearly data it might be easier if you display information monthly, if you are looking into a specific month it might be better to display information on a daily basis.

-Play with the Graphs: Our graphs will allow you to understand data better. It is not enogh to see the main metrics at some point in time. Historical graphs will allow you to understand how has the behavior of a specific metric change during time. In our tool you will be able to compare different metrics and understand their correlation. Our graphs will also allow you to visualize information on a daily, monthly, weekly or yearly bases depending on your needs and the period of time you are considering in you analysis.

-Analyze the main metrics. Explore all metrics we provide for the search terms you previously defined. Average Daily rate, Occupancy rate, Revenue, available supply, market revenue, nights booked, revenue per night, booking lead among others. If you have doubts about how to interpret these metrics take a look at our metrics glossary or roll over the information icon in the dashboard and you will find the explanation of the metric.

-Save Areas: Did you find an area you want to keep tracking in the future? is there a specific zone you are interested and want to save it! You are still evaluating what areas you want to purchase and get full access? Click on “Save area! button, and automatically it will be saved on your “saved area” tab for easy and quick access in the future.

-Export/Download data: Download data on an excel spreadsheet. When you download data make sure you have the filter you need. did you choose the right period of time? do you want to download daily data or monthly data? make sure to set up all the filters you want before you click the download button. Once you are sure you set up all the right filters choose the metrics you want to download. Remember you can only download 2 metrics at the same time.

The possibility to download the data is only provided to users that purchase the Pro plan. Make sure our plan allows you to download this information.

Besides downloading the metrics of a market you can also download Download Listing Performance and Details. If you go to the right button on the map you will be able to download the performance of a maximum of 1000 listings. make sure you filter enough to get less than 1000 listings.

Final Comment

Our historical tool is one of the most important tab. You will find really valuable information here. Make sure you understand how to use our filters, how to navigate our map and how to interpret our graphs in order to make the best our of this tool.

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